Our Starting Block for Life

"As we strive for Excellence as one of our core values, it is impossible without the diversity of community and 的想法 to achieve this lofty goal."

Happy Valentine’s Day! This morning when I went to check my purse for keys and phone, I touched the little gold filigree heart that my father gave my mother on this day, 四十年前.  It is my talisman of sorts, as it is a reminder that love is always love and is the bedrock for all of us as we begin each day. When you say goodbye to your children in the morning, your heart is full even at their worst, and you are confident that you will see them in the afternoon.

This day is also the sad anniversary of the Parkland shooting—a grim reminder of our national tragedy. Those parents who lost children could never have imagined the pain they would feel for the rest of their lives. And the survivors will also be traumatized for a long, long time. 今天, we agonize over the safety of schools, 教堂, 购物中心, 和音乐会, as this fear for our children is real. While no protection is foolproof, we must carry this conversation forward, not by arming teachers, but by sensible gun laws and 回来ground checks that may unarm those who should never own a gun of any kind. We cannot leave this work to children.  We must share in the heavy lifting.

昨天, the Marlborough Counseling Office and I attended a day-long conference offered by the Rape Foundation focused on keeping our children infused with self agency as consumers of online information. It was not a session to vilify their social media lives, but rather to also identify ways that young people have mobilized for social good. 今天 in advising we discussed healthy and unhealthy relationships and how to identify both. My hope is for all of our students to be safe and to be advocates for their school classmates both as shepherds and fierce loyalists.

2月ruary is also Black History Month, and while it is a time to celebrate African Americans who have made this country a better place, it is also a time of reflection. We are not living in a post-racist world.  Hate groups are growing and remain fertile ground for extreme hatred and racism. Marlborough is a better school because we are willing to examine ourselves and shine a light on us all and hold ourselves accountable.  Our students and faculty/staff of color enrich each day with new perspectives, 的想法, and opportunities for growth and innovation. As we strive for Excellence as one of our core values, it is impossible without the diversity of community and 的想法 to achieve this lofty goal. We do this work as part of our mission to support the strong voices of our students, so that within the big tent of Marlborough, they foster care for others as a place where empathy and compassion abound.

最后, for all children who are dealing with issues of gender identity, may their journey be filled with love and understanding. More I could not hope for all of our children. Let’s join forces to create a community that celebrates love as our starting block for life. After all, Love is Love.